UK Synaesthesia Association

Synaesthesia Researchers

Richard E. Cytowic's website
Synaesthesia Research Group - Jamie Ward at UCL
Julia Simner - University of Edinburgh

Noam Sagiv - Synaesthesia research in West London

University of Edinburgh - Chinese Language Site
mitThe Synesthetic Experience - MIT
V S Ramachandran, University of California at San Diego
Synaesthesia Research - Ed Hubbard, University of California at San Diego
Synaesthesia Research Centre - University of Waterloo, Ontario Canada
Sean Day
Jennifer Green - University of Cambridge

Online Research Papers

pdfCrossmodal interactions: lessons from synesthesia (Noam Sagiv & Jamie Ward)
pdfWhat is the relationship between synaesthesia and visual-spatial number forms? (Sagiv, et al)
 Synesthesia: Phenomenology And Neuropsychology (Richard E. Cytowic)
 Synesthesia - A Real Phenomenon? (Luciano da F. Costa)
pdfFive plus Two Equals Yellow (Dixon, Smilek, etc.)
 Is there a Normal Phase of Synesthesia in Development? (Simon Baron-Cohen)
pdfSynaesthetic colour experiences influence memory (Smilek, Dixon etc.)
Synesthesia - the mixing of the senses (David Diamond)
Tangled Wires: Conceptualizing Neurological and Cultural Explanations of Synesthesia (Mc Grath)
pdfHearing Colors, Tasting Shapes (Ramachandran & Hubbard)
pdfSynaesthesia - A window into perception, thought and language (Ramachandran & Hubbard)
Synaesthesia and Synaesthetic Metaphors (Sean Day)